My very first blog! Yeah, this mkmma is encouraging me to explore. So here goes. I am in my third week of Mastermind. I am determined to finish this course and change my current thought system and life. I frequently have body energy work done by a brilliant friend of mine who works specifically on transforming the sub-conscience. The energy transformation during the sessions is like none other. But these program reinforces my previous energy work. Remember we are all pieces made up of energy from the universe and the lord. This past week as I did my homework, I was truly tested. I am a residentlal realtor and I am supplementing my income with a full time job at a Mercedes Benz dealership. During the week, past clients and employers who are Mercedes customers popped up and I had contact with them. Everyone of them abused the relationship that I thought I had with them. I have been over time trying very hard to forgive them. Because remember there is plenty out there in the universe for EVERYONE. Well last week was a test of my Mastermind material, as my thoughts turned to regret, loss, failure on my part etc. I pivoted those thoughts and turned myself around that I don’t need these folks to be successful, my true and formitable success still awaits me. I have worked many years thru meditation and visualization for situations and circumstances that I desire. But this week as I rewrote and reread my DMP, I actually cried with joy in the abundance that I wrote that I have created for myself. Thank you all for MKMMA>

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