Week #4

I know that I am behind in my Blog posts, but the social aspect is the most difficult for me.  I am very social face to face, but on social media, it is a huge hurdle for me to jump.  I sought help yesterday 10/25 from a younger co-worker.  He was very helpful to me in creating the header etc for my blog page.  I am looking forward to changing the header and playing with the site.

This week produced a lot of breakthroughs for me.  I been a student of metaphysics for 12-15 years so a lot of the exercises are easy for me, its taking the time to do them.  I love meditation and quiet time.  Quiet time whether driving silently in the car or sitting and enjoying a beautiful view, allows the thoughts, options, decisions to come flowing through my mind.  Whether its God answering my questions or sending help through my guardian angels or my soul allowing answers to come through.  It does not matter, they are coming and coming strong.  I think they are coming strong due to the daily reinforcement of the various exercises of the course.

I have noticed a lot of things coming to play from visualization.  It can be small things like coming up to a busy shopping center and a front row parking space appears or thinking of someone and they call or you see them or their name pops up.

Since I signed up for this course, I am making a commitment for ME!  The first sentence of Scroll 1 describes me perfectly. “Today I begin a new life.  Today I shed my old skin which hath, too long, suffered the bruises of failure and the wounds of mediocrity”.!

Starting the program, has enabled me to a ME mindset too.  In order for me to do for others freely, I have to take care and care for myself first.  So, yesterday I had a massage to get allow the oxygen to flow to the brain and fortify my thoughts and repetitious work.  Tonight I am going to the chiropractor to straighten my spine to allow the energies to flow freely.  I am in preparation mode.

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1 Response to Week #4

  1. masterkeyinterface says:

    Awesome to prepare! The race is on now. What a heavy learning curve BUT I am enjoying the challenge of fitting it in and doing my best. I want this time and effort to pay off.
    I bet you do too. Have a ball, honing your skills and digging in. It presses us but that is good! Best to you Kathy! from Laura


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