Week 6 Blog

I know that I am behind in blogging.  This is the hardest hurdle in Mastermind to jump.  But I am continuing to try.  I am going to do it.

I decided to post today, because I had another ahhh moment.  My car has to have repair work done to it and it won’t be done for three days.  I work at a Mercedes Benz dealership so they gave me a loaner car to use while mine is being fixed.  Last night when I drove it home, it was raining and I was nervous driving it, I drove slow and carefully watching of course for deer.  Not really loving the color of the car black on black.

But tonight I took a different car home, same model C300W4, but it was a beautiful grey with satin interior.  As I started to drive home, sun was out, I loved the color of the car, I put the radio on which I never do ’cause I enjoy the quiet and on come Tears for Fears Everybody wants to Rule the World.  The whole scenario empowered me.  I revved the engine and took off up to 60 mph in 30 seconds, remember back to 2008 when I had a Mercedes Benz R class (missing it) and felt the good things coming back very very soon.  I felt like I was driving MY CAR that is in my DMP and Press Release.  I felt like I was heading home to my dream home in my DMP and Press Release.  It was all so real.  I actually started to fill up with gratitude for being in this situation.  I LOVED IT!!!  I AM GETTING MORE of this feeling!

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2 Responses to Week 6 Blog

  1. I can totally relate. Wonderful thoughts and feelings. Thanks


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