Week 7

I love week 7.  I love the visualization.  I have a power point vision board on my computer that I leave sit open during when I am not using the computer.  I just went on to google pictures and copied and pasted pictures of my dreams in living color with little banners at the top that I can write dates or expectations in across the pictures.

In the GS, the love thing is not easy but and feels funny to nod and listen to someone rant and rave and behind my eyes I am saying I Love You!  Its actually comical.

Today was the first day of my 7 day Mental Diet.  I just love doing this.  The no opinions from last week and the week before was a great pre-exercise.  So far today I am doing good.  I need to stay away from the news.  It’s funny because I answer phones and a receptionist I can get some irate customers which I am normally good at smoothing them out, but fun to hear them rant and at the same time I am saying I LOVE YOU and then turning and looking at my Smart Goal #1  $20000.00 a month residual income and total financial freedom!!!  Fun huh!

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2 Responses to Week 7

  1. masterkeyinterface says:

    Hi Kathy. I enjoyed your real life experiences, interacting life and mkmma. IT IS FUNNY!! to be saying I Love you inside me while the rant goes on. LOVE right there DOES HOLD UP THE SHIELD!!
    Keep on trucking and have an awesome journey!!


    • kathysasso211 says:

      Thanks Laura, hopefully the rant will subside. Its a work in progress isn’t it? Thank you for your support and clear roads ahead for you too.


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