Week 8

I know that I need to blog for this week, but I just didn’t feel I was ready to blog yet.  But now I do.  I love the Mental Diet.  I have to stop and start over three days in a row.  But today, I saw my old boss come into the car dealership showroom.  There is a lot of history between us and I am not sure how to describe my other feelings, a little anger, a little angst, missing old days before things changed…  But all afternoon, I have felt reposeful and retrospective.  I think the Mental Diet is working, no judgements, no opinions!  Remembering good times and thanking him for the good times as I reflect.

I am though mentally exhausted.

I cannot at this point blog on the week 8 webinar, to be truthful I have not had a chance to watch it yet this whole week.  By the time I got home from work, computer on the blitz, two funerals and a direct marketing meeting, the week has disappeared.  But last night spent two and half hours with tech support on my computer and now its working great!

I did however read over the workbook and master keys and I am doing all that work.

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3 Responses to Week 8

  1. masterkeyinterface says:

    I do think part of the win win of this course is the persistence and perseverance that it takes over these many weeks. Because LIFE is still happening! Good for you for doing your best! That’s the key. Attitude is really everything.
    Blessings on your journey!



  2. kathysasso211 says:

    Thank you Laura and many blessing to you too and Happy Thanksgiving.


  3. Thanks for sharing your experience in writing the blog. I know how you felt as I have felt the same way a couple of times, but persistence kept me going and got it done. All we can do is our best as Mark keeps saying. Blessings on your continued journey.


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