Week 9

I found myself anticipating writing this blog about week 9.  I just finished reading the small book the Go Giver.  It was handed to me a few weeks ago while waiting for an oil change at the service station.  A fellow Rotarian came in and we were talking about Rotary and the giving that people do in our chapter.  Sherri is her name and her and her husband own a cute little ice cream shop here in Newtown, Bucks County, PA.  She is very artistic and also illustrates books and book covers.   She had purchased and read the book the Go Giver and left a copy of it for me at my office.  I have just finished the book, and forwarded it to one of my friends in my network marketing business.  Sherri said her intention in purchasing the book was to give it forward to others.

Yesterday, I received my monthly issue of Success Magazine that comes as part of my membership in my Stream Energy network marketing group.  The main topics of this month’s issue are unlocking the secrets of success by giving.  There were a few good issues and the Go-Giver book was mentioned in a few issues.  There was a really good article called the Power of Generosity.  I was thrilled to have the time to read most of them, as I was taking my brother who has a brain injury to get new shoes.  It is a time consuming process at the custom shoe store and I had time to read.

I am still working on the Mental Diet.  Some days are good others just ok.  I mentioned in the Alliances area, that I am keeping my lips pursed and my mouth shut.  In doing so, I am forming a very odd habit of biting my lips and its a very weird feeling.  I am trying to become aware and stop doing it.

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2 Responses to Week 9

  1. I want to congratulate and recognize your powers of observation. It’s just a matter of time now I believe for the changes you desire to happen. Well done!


  2. masterkeyinterface says:

    It’s amazing what we are noticing isn’t it! Can it be that my senses are heightened? Seems that way to me. Even playing games with friends, seems my observations and advance ‘planning’ is sharper. What do you think??


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