Week 12 – My climb up the mountain

I have had so many changes happening in my live since taking this course.  I love sharing my experiences with certain people.  Its amazing how many people don’t get it.  But as scroll II says, just look them in the eye, but inside tell them how much ya love them.  That’s the fun part for me.

All around me subtle changes abound and my feeling of total relaxation and giving up the stress and worry is relaxing me.  The only thing that really stress is me is the feeling of getting behind in my mkmma daily work.  But a fellow student reminded me to be thankful for the accomplishments that I have done.  Praising myself and giving myself kudos is not something that comes easily to me.  I am quick to give praise to others but it is hard for me to receive and give to myself.  This course and my guide Caryn are helping me to find my way.  I really enjoy reading other people’s blogs, so creative and expressive, just doing that is helping me with my social media hangup.  It really is fun.  All you guys are great and you give me the feeling of not being alone.  Big difference between being alone and lonely.  I am not lonely, nor am I alone.

Thank you all for your encouragement and help as I climb this mountain, the picks on my ice shoes may not be sharp, but I am clinging on and still moving forward daring to achieve and accomplish this course.

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4 Responses to Week 12 – My climb up the mountain

  1. Love being on this journey with you. One step at a time fellow traveller. Best wishes for the holidays!


  2. masterkeyinterface says:

    Awesome! It really is a journey. And I find many twists and turns. Really challenges the ‘status quo’ going on in one’s head!
    Good for you for rolling with it, learning, expanding, and keeping at it!
    Christmas blessings to you and yours.

    Laura Matsuda


  3. Liz Allen says:

    I feel like that too! The main stress comes from getting my MKMMA stuff done. But I loved what they said last week on the Webinar. dont’ just DO the exercises. Live them. Blessings from Virginia!


  4. masterkeybillj says:

    You’re doing it Kathy! I know what you mean by feeling concerned about getting behind. There is so much to do in MK. The list seems to get longer in some ways. But I hear persistence in you and that you’re beginning to celebrate what you’ve already done. You are update on our blog posts!!! Way to go.


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