Week 14 Concentrating on Harmony

Last night I watched Mark’s short video introduction for week 14.  I thought it was explosive.  He really hit home with a lot points for me.  Constantly saying to myself I am whole, perfect… is so calming for me.  This mantra really helped me through the holidays to not become a part of the “lets talk about so and so”.  I actually had someone hang up the phone on me because I had NO COMMENT!  Imagine that!!! I love not going there and I especially thankful that I can make that choice, it feels so good.

I have been noticing a lot of synchronicities even more then before.  And I thought I was an aware person.  Wow!  Mark also mentions in week 15 about noticing things coming to you.

In my Real Estate, it has been a steady flow of prospects, even in January.  So grateful for clients, especially good unconditional referrals.  The happier I help them to be, the more they will refer business to me.  Give more get more!  I have to BELIEVE in myself that these things are already there for me and I deserve them.

Two things I want to mention, I really enjoy the 25+ cards, gosh I did a lot and when I read them, more events come to mind, so I write more notations.  Now I know how George Bailey in It’s A Wonderful Life felt when his guardian angel Clarence said to him “George you really did have a wonderful life”.

And I listened to the Strangest Secret last night while I made more cards and put shapes on them.  I love the 40 hours statistic about how many people work, die, still work, become successful and still struggle.  In my network marketing business an associate made a short 4 minute video about “The 40 year plan in 2-3 years”.  It really makes people’s head spin and makes them think.   Unfortunately they take no action for themselves.  Choice.  I choose to learn and grow more with MKMMA and meet new acquaintances thru MKMMA. Strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet.  So Grateful!  Thank you Lord!

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