Week 15 I am rare and there is a value in all rarity; therefore I AM valuable.

I put the phrase I am rare… on top of  Scroll 5 for next month.  I did this because I have to believe I am valuable.  Our daily mantra;  I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.  This mantra assists me in my beliefs.  As Mark says in the video, belief and his story about the men on the boat floating for days without water, “throw down the bucket”… believe in yourself.  That story really hit home for me.  I have never valued myself, nor did I think others valued me either.  NOT ANYMORE!!!

I not only value myself, but I am valuing myself and my time more through these exercises.  Each one as I go through them 2-3x a day, day after day, they add so much value to my life.  If I skip a sequence, its almost like I forgot to brush my teeth before I went to bed.  (Not a good habit to get into).

Valuing yourself is like loving yourself.  You need to like/love yourself before you can truly love someone else.  As we go through the week doing kind and fun deeds for others.  Think about the people that you are doing these for, we value and appreciate and maybe even love them.  The thread is weaving and weaving all of us together.  I love the value in kind deeds, its the velocity in thought.

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