My Press Release

Press Release



Here I am living in total freedom! My heart swells with joy as I stand outside on the deck of my beautiful Bayfront home this summer of 2018. I have envisioned this experience for so long its now right before my very eyes.

I am looking at my beautiful infinity pool that seems to empty into the bay, drinking my dirty martini, waiting for the grill to heat up for the steaks and lobster and ready for another spectacular sunset to take place before my very eyes, just waiting for my children and grandchildren to arrive for another fun filled weekend at Mimi’s home.

I am living in my dream home of 5 bedrooms, 6 full baths, in a debt free lifestyle! Tears of joy come to my eyes and my heart is ready to explode as I realize I am literally living MY DREAM, I am overwhelmed with complete joy and gratitude.

I have a dream kitchen to cook in for my family and for them to enjoy, a beautiful master bedroom complete with mini bar and fireplace with a fantastic view of the bay outside.

Each day as I come home from another fantastic round of golf and I drive my beautiful white Mercedes Benz S550 C 4 with red interior into the garage and take a big breath of the new car leather smell I realize that this is the dream I have longed for and created and I am finally living the legacy I have created.

Just knowing that my children and grandchildren will enjoy my legacy for a time to come and that they are totally taken care of due to the fact that I have residual income from my network marketing business of $50,000 a month and a secure savings account of over $5M.   I have achieved all this and more by changing myself within and bringing it to the world without.

Now I am ready for an afternoon at the beach to meditate and visualize more great things.