Week 10

I was glad to have the break of one week with no webinar.  But I did feel lost, like something was missing.  I watched Mark’s video regarding the important aspect of the whole MKMMA is feeling with enthusiasum and the visualization and not to do the exercises of reading and affirmations just to do them.  Sometimes I feel like I am doing just that and I feel overwhelmed with all the moving parts of the process.

I finally got on to Twitter and followed a few folks, but I did not have a comment, just a follow.  So that is something I need to do is take the time to tweet.  Now I at least have a few followers, so that made me feel good.  I can just do one thing at a time.

I have gotten onto people’s blog sites and read them, most are so good and very interesting.  It seems like you guys have it under control and I don’t feel like I do.

I feel overwhelmed because of time to do it all, I just don’t know how people get it all done.

I work as a receptionist in a Mercedes Benz dealership, so its hard to do reading or affirmations with constant interruptions of people coming and going and a 17 line phone system.  Working 9-6:00PM and a 50 minute commute, then to walk the dog and make dinner, I don’t sit down until around 8:00 PM.  Then I start my work and try to get to bed by 10:00PM, but I need an hour for my time before retiring.  Then up again at 5:45AM.

I also need to find my Mastermind alliance mentoring partner.  I did have one from my Network Marketing team, but she is very busy this time of year, she makes beautiful cookies and since its the holidays, she is crazy busy.  So that is not working out.

I am going to post a comment in Alliance area and seek some support.

Thanks all for listening.

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Week 9

I found myself anticipating writing this blog about week 9.  I just finished reading the small book the Go Giver.  It was handed to me a few weeks ago while waiting for an oil change at the service station.  A fellow Rotarian came in and we were talking about Rotary and the giving that people do in our chapter.  Sherri is her name and her and her husband own a cute little ice cream shop here in Newtown, Bucks County, PA.  She is very artistic and also illustrates books and book covers.   She had purchased and read the book the Go Giver and left a copy of it for me at my office.  I have just finished the book, and forwarded it to one of my friends in my network marketing business.  Sherri said her intention in purchasing the book was to give it forward to others.

Yesterday, I received my monthly issue of Success Magazine that comes as part of my membership in my Stream Energy network marketing group.  The main topics of this month’s issue are unlocking the secrets of success by giving.  There were a few good issues and the Go-Giver book was mentioned in a few issues.  There was a really good article called the Power of Generosity.  I was thrilled to have the time to read most of them, as I was taking my brother who has a brain injury to get new shoes.  It is a time consuming process at the custom shoe store and I had time to read.

I am still working on the Mental Diet.  Some days are good others just ok.  I mentioned in the Alliances area, that I am keeping my lips pursed and my mouth shut.  In doing so, I am forming a very odd habit of biting my lips and its a very weird feeling.  I am trying to become aware and stop doing it.

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Week 8

I know that I need to blog for this week, but I just didn’t feel I was ready to blog yet.  But now I do.  I love the Mental Diet.  I have to stop and start over three days in a row.  But today, I saw my old boss come into the car dealership showroom.  There is a lot of history between us and I am not sure how to describe my other feelings, a little anger, a little angst, missing old days before things changed…  But all afternoon, I have felt reposeful and retrospective.  I think the Mental Diet is working, no judgements, no opinions!  Remembering good times and thanking him for the good times as I reflect.

I am though mentally exhausted.

I cannot at this point blog on the week 8 webinar, to be truthful I have not had a chance to watch it yet this whole week.  By the time I got home from work, computer on the blitz, two funerals and a direct marketing meeting, the week has disappeared.  But last night spent two and half hours with tech support on my computer and now its working great!

I did however read over the workbook and master keys and I am doing all that work.

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Week 7

I love week 7.  I love the visualization.  I have a power point vision board on my computer that I leave sit open during when I am not using the computer.  I just went on to google pictures and copied and pasted pictures of my dreams in living color with little banners at the top that I can write dates or expectations in across the pictures.

In the GS, the love thing is not easy but and feels funny to nod and listen to someone rant and rave and behind my eyes I am saying I Love You!  Its actually comical.

Today was the first day of my 7 day Mental Diet.  I just love doing this.  The no opinions from last week and the week before was a great pre-exercise.  So far today I am doing good.  I need to stay away from the news.  It’s funny because I answer phones and a receptionist I can get some irate customers which I am normally good at smoothing them out, but fun to hear them rant and at the same time I am saying I LOVE YOU and then turning and looking at my Smart Goal #1  $20000.00 a month residual income and total financial freedom!!!  Fun huh!

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Week 6 Blog

I know that I am behind in blogging.  This is the hardest hurdle in Mastermind to jump.  But I am continuing to try.  I am going to do it.

I decided to post today, because I had another ahhh moment.  My car has to have repair work done to it and it won’t be done for three days.  I work at a Mercedes Benz dealership so they gave me a loaner car to use while mine is being fixed.  Last night when I drove it home, it was raining and I was nervous driving it, I drove slow and carefully watching of course for deer.  Not really loving the color of the car black on black.

But tonight I took a different car home, same model C300W4, but it was a beautiful grey with satin interior.  As I started to drive home, sun was out, I loved the color of the car, I put the radio on which I never do ’cause I enjoy the quiet and on come Tears for Fears Everybody wants to Rule the World.  The whole scenario empowered me.  I revved the engine and took off up to 60 mph in 30 seconds, remember back to 2008 when I had a Mercedes Benz R class (missing it) and felt the good things coming back very very soon.  I felt like I was driving MY CAR that is in my DMP and Press Release.  I felt like I was heading home to my dream home in my DMP and Press Release.  It was all so real.  I actually started to fill up with gratitude for being in this situation.  I LOVED IT!!!  I AM GETTING MORE of this feeling!

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Revised Press Release

Press Release



Reporter: So Kathy can you tell us how you achieved your current surroundings?

I sure can. This existing lifestyle has been a work in progress. I am living in total freedom! My heart swells with joy as I sit here with you on my deck of my beautiful bay front home. I have visualized this life style for so long and right now it is before my very eyes. I know that it sounds odd, but I personally have done a lot of work inside myself to achieve and bring it to my outside world.

Reporter: Kathy can you tell us what was your pinnacle in achieving inside work on yourself.

The best work that I am most proud of achieving was a Mastermind class that I participated in. It’s a 29 week course. Overcoming a few challenges was key, especially the social media portion. I love to talk face to face with people, so the unknown cyber word is a challenge. But as I started to read other members blog posts and press reports, I found them to be enjoyable and wonderful to read. A lot of members are very creative. Along with my Mastermind class, I do a lot of still and alone time. This enables me to receive all the messages and guidance from the universe. This stillness enables me to hear my options, answers to my questions and guidance on how to move forward and helps me plan my day.

Reporter: Kathy what other dreams or visions have you envisioned that have become a reality?

Well, as you can see living here on the bay and steps from the beach is the pinnacle of my existence. I also have a condo on west coast of Florida that I enjoy in the winter and sometimes in the other months too. It is great to have two beautiful homes with wonderful amenities. I share these properties with all my family and friends. Everyone makes wonderful memories together. Especially my family. I have always wanted a place at the beach so that I can share and enjoy my children and grandchildren as they experience wonderful summers together. What a legacy I have created..

Reporter: Kathy, can I ask if you are still working?

Not really. I don’t consider my current source of income work. I am involved in direct sales. I currently travel to new areas in the country explain to people how they can save money safely switching the electric, gas or cell phone bills to save money and better yet, how they can get paid on hundreds if not thousands of bills by building a team. I continue to help my down line of associates or any associate of my company with their team and guide them to the success that they dream of too. Currently I have a monthly residual income that has me set for the rest of my life and for the future of my children and grandchildren. This is an accomplishment that is so liberating to me and knowing that I have created this legacy.

Reporter: Kathy can you describe to me a day in your life ?

Sure, how about I pick today Friday. Mostly Fridays are my favorite days. I wake up next to my wonderful husband who encourages me constantly. He makes me laugh and we enjoy so many activities together. So we have a hot cup of coffee and sit on th back deck watching the still waters of the bay. The wave runners and boats bob up and down with the wakes, the seagulls hum and I thank God for this unbelievable adventure. Then I get dressed and jump into my Mercedes S550C4 and drive to play a round of golf. The team of women that I golf with are all members of my direct marketing team. I have helped each and every one of them create a lifestyle that they would have only dreamed of and now it happening for them too. After we have a nice drink outside and commiserate about a great golf game, I come home, shower and change.

Reporter: Well Kathy, it truly is a wonderful life for you. It is great to do some reporting on success people who still contribute and give back every day so that others can achieve their dreams too. With that being said, I think my interview is done.

Kathy:   Since it is Friday, would you like to stay for cocktails, crabs and sunset?

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Week #4

I know that I am behind in my Blog posts, but the social aspect is the most difficult for me.  I am very social face to face, but on social media, it is a huge hurdle for me to jump.  I sought help yesterday 10/25 from a younger co-worker.  He was very helpful to me in creating the header etc for my blog page.  I am looking forward to changing the header and playing with the site.

This week produced a lot of breakthroughs for me.  I been a student of metaphysics for 12-15 years so a lot of the exercises are easy for me, its taking the time to do them.  I love meditation and quiet time.  Quiet time whether driving silently in the car or sitting and enjoying a beautiful view, allows the thoughts, options, decisions to come flowing through my mind.  Whether its God answering my questions or sending help through my guardian angels or my soul allowing answers to come through.  It does not matter, they are coming and coming strong.  I think they are coming strong due to the daily reinforcement of the various exercises of the course.

I have noticed a lot of things coming to play from visualization.  It can be small things like coming up to a busy shopping center and a front row parking space appears or thinking of someone and they call or you see them or their name pops up.

Since I signed up for this course, I am making a commitment for ME!  The first sentence of Scroll 1 describes me perfectly. “Today I begin a new life.  Today I shed my old skin which hath, too long, suffered the bruises of failure and the wounds of mediocrity”.!

Starting the program, has enabled me to a ME mindset too.  In order for me to do for others freely, I have to take care and care for myself first.  So, yesterday I had a massage to get allow the oxygen to flow to the brain and fortify my thoughts and repetitious work.  Tonight I am going to the chiropractor to straighten my spine to allow the energies to flow freely.  I am in preparation mode.

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